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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Determined Leaf Fall

After a long day and waiting on my youngest to finish theatre rehearsals, we were finally on our way home. It had been sideways raining most of the day, making exiting work only a smidge less joyful. We were tired but quickly awoken by the uncomfortably crisp mist that blew in our faces on our way to the car. 
We began the thirty-minute trek home, chatting about our day. I noticed the leaf stuck to my rearview mirror was still there at one point on the way. One little appendage flapped violently. My thoughts wandered to wondering when it would let go.

To say the least, it never did. It made it all the way home tightly glued by water droplets. I snapped a picture. My youngest noticed and said, "I saw that there too. Weird, it never fell off."

I suppose it's just a leaf but seeing it hang on like that gave me a little bit of hope, oddly enough. 


  1. I see hope in this, as well! Against all odds!

  2. Hope is in the air, Betsy. This slice is delightful. Sideway rain is a strange phenomenon these days.


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