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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

A Waiting Room Poem

Waiting room
you are so awkward.
Your anticipation,
walls cruelly crowding
my inner peace.
I look around you
not letting my eyes linger
in any one corner
too long. 
Listening--who did they call?
Pausing--is anyone moving?
Wondering--was it us?
Security guard small talk
and yet 
I oblige.
At times feeling 
I might burst right out of my body
to escape it.
Anything to move.
Just get me out
of this seat!
A waiting room is a menace
with well-intentioned design
full of people
who don't want to wait. 


  1. I love this! And hate you had to wait. It makes me think of the part of Oh, the Places You'll Go where Dr. Seuss writes about "the waiting place". Waiting is no fun!

  2. Yes indeed - a room for waiting for people who don't want to wait!! I try to bring a book, but find it hard to concentrate ... Sorry you had to wait!

  3. A waiting room is a menace - indeed! And I absolutely know the horror of trying to hear if they've called me. Ugh. Fingers crossed that three in one day means you're out of waiting rooms for a while!

  4. Your last lines are so on target, Betsy. I am inviting slicers to a Poetryliscious Gallery that I am creating. You may be interested in sharing one of your poems for the gallery. The invitation is at my slice.

  5. Having sat is waiting rooms many times you perfectly capture the inner feeling of what it is like and the silent scream of, "Get me out of here now!"


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