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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First I Spilled My Coffee...

Based on the title, you probably think this post will be about every terrible thing that happened today, then I'll say something like...ever had one of those days? Well, it is not going to be one of those posts, because I refused to have "One of those days!" Yes, it did start out rocky, roll out of bed, cranky, wanted to take a short shower, couldn't get out because I was sooo not ready to face the day kind of starts. Then it picked up, it even seemed like I might get out of the house with a few minutes to spare and then my super awesome coffee cup, with lid, landed in the garage--quite a mess as you can imagine. If ever something emulated the exact "SPLAT" sound, it was this coffee cup and its contents. I proceeded to clean it up, water rinse, broom etc., and while I was doing this, in my mind I was saying, "Really, is it going to be one of those days. I mean come on. I was going to make it out of here on time. Now I am going to get to school later than I wanted, blah, blah, blah." Not to mention my kids were indecisive about things they "needed" to take with them in the car and "needed" to take to the sitter.

It was within this moment, a little moment of calm, that I realized it was all up to me. One of those days, I'm afraid not, unless you are talking about the kind of day that is AWESOME!
And, ultimately, that is exactly how it went. I got so much accomplished today! Kids have moved reading levels, I read an eight page story from one of my kindergarten students called, Adventure, goose bumps. It came on the cusp of a post I am working on about video game stories, and I now see them in a different light. Leave it to one of my students to school me on how things can be different than you first thought! I hope everyone had "One of those days," and I of course mean the awesome variety!


  1. Choose your attitude and you certainly did! That's how to turn "one of those days" into something great. I will be thinking of you the next time "one of those days" starts to creep in.

  2. And as we say to many students, You did it just right! I'm so glad you turned the day & had a lovely one. I did have "one of those days" and am very happy I did. Thanks for the wish.

  3. Yeah for attitudes that turn days around and make them bright and shiny! I love how you turned yours around - from splat to goosebumps!

  4. I've had those moments and the inspiration to change the day - I call it the fight "to fly" response.


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