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Thursday, February 2, 2012


I press and pull
gray dust
And smudge stained prints.

The smell of wood chips
and rubber
blow off the page
and I brush away the wrong.

A faded line remaining
a reminder
a memory
a mistake.


  1. Love it! I love how the sensory details lead me to what's actually happening "the smell of wood chips and rubber blow off the page"... nice!

  2. I love ambling through the words in your poem. Very descriptive.

  3. I love your writiing. I can see the movie in my mind. Great lines, "a reminder, a memory, a mistake". My list might also include: a better way to say the same thing. You've modeled a great way to describe something so simple in action, but more difficult in practice.

  4. This poem is really neat! I read it a couple of times to really understand... great for visualizing!

  5. I love "smudge stained prints" and "brush away the wrong." I also love the list at the end, though it makes me a little sad that the last line is mistake.


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