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Thursday, March 1, 2012

I plan to be AMAZED!

March 1st has finally arrived. I await this day every year. Sometimes it sneaks up on me and sometimes I can barely stand the anticipation.
Every year in March something happens in my classroom of kindergarten students. After ten years I have yet to see this pattern change.
It is the month of connections. Suddenly the foundational skills we have been building on all year, click together to form the puzzles of reading, writing, math, problem solving strategies, the list goes on.
It is the month where, as a kindergarten teacher, I feel validated the most by what I do and I see a twinkle of pride in my students.  MARCH, it is the reason I continue to teach kindergarten. It makes it worth all the tissues, tears and turmoil we all go through from September to February.
It is a beautiful thing and I can't wait to get to school today!


  1. That journey of kindergarten is magical and I am so glad there a people like you who guide these little ones. I was not one of those people. I liked them a little older (and able to blow their own nose). Can't wait to read what they are doing this month.

  2. Ahh March, at long last. The beginning of the fun time of the year. I can't wait to see what your students are up to in their writing! What a journey this year has been.

  3. I like your line about how everything "click(s) to form the puzzles" -- what a great visual! I admire kindergarten teachers so much because it seems like it must be the hardest age, teaching them how to be in school and so many basic skills. Your description makes it sound magical and exciting!

  4. There is something magical about March isn't there? It's about now when I decide May is going to be so sad.

    First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

  5. As a former junior high teacher and a current high school teacher, I can tell you that March doesn't change. There will come a day this month that my freshmen will become sophomores. The juniors will become seniors. I don't know what it is about March, but it is truly a month of change!

  6. So true! You get a double bonus - slicing and your children connecting. What a wonderful combination! :)MaryHelen


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