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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Waiting in a Line...Jumbles of Conversations

My daughter turned five earlier this week and to celebrate her birthday we all went to a Justin Roberts concert. Justin Roberts is a singer/songwriter of all things kid: trucks, monsters, baseball, you name it he's probably got a song about it! He is fantastic and we had a great time. It was a rather brisk morning as we waited outside the venue and as the four of us stood, huddled, staying warm and quiet, there was a lot of conversations going on around us. I couldn't help but take note.  

"Can you please get your head out of the garbage can?"
    (Cell phone convo)"No really, take your time, they won't open the doors for another ten minutes."  
         "If your hands are in your pockets and you fall you will end up on your face."
                "Simon Says? Okay, can I be Simon first?"
"Really, I mean it, it is full of germs."
    "Yeah, I'm right outside the place, the line isn't too long yet."               
           "Your hands can't protect you, that's why."
                 "Simon Says touch your nose...touch your head....uh oh, Simon didn't saaaayy!"
"The chain isn't any better, stop leaning on're going to fall."
     "Okay, see you soon. Bye."
            "Okay, that's it, hold my come back here...."
                  "Simon Says hands on your hips."

(Me) "Look you two, they're opening the doors!" Insert tiny squeal here from my daughter who was beside herself with excitement!

Justin Roberts is working on two albums to be released later this year, so I am sure another visit to one of his performances is in our future yet again!

**Side Note: Thanks to all you slicers out there who have read, commented, not commented, participated, etc. This has been a tremendously fun experience and I thank each of you for the part you played. See you on Tuesday's!




  1. Love that you are taking your writer's ears out and capturing the lovely sounds of conversation as it swirls around. i love these interactions between adults and kids.

  2. Listening in is so fun, then I tend to watch what I say so I don't give some random writer food for their blog. :-)

  3. It is amazing what juicy little nuggets you find when you look and listen as a writer. My outlook is different...better...after this SOL challenge. Sounds like you had a fun trip with your family today! :)

  4. I had not heard of Justin Roberts before. Very cool. :-)
    Fun conversations, too!


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