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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Newspaper Nails

I saw this neat idea on Pinterest a while back and decided to give it a try. Newspaper Nails.
You paint your nails a pale color. Cut some newspaper roughly the size of your finger nails. Dip the little strips of newspaper into rubbing alcohol. Press the strips onto your nail, rocking back and forth, then peal it off carefully. Finish with a clear coat.
I thought in this month full of words, reading month, slicing month...
It was only appropriate that I have words right at my fingertips! (Even if they are backwards)! :)


  1. Those are some good lookin' nails you have there! I just saw this idea in the most recent Rachael Ray Magazine too. Looks like a winner and it's so perfect for March!

  2. That's funny, have your kids noticed the words, letters, or that it is backwards? How perfect for the month. Wish I had nails worth painting.

  3. Love this idea! Can't wait to share it with my daughter, Betsy. She loves doing nails and will enjoy this.

  4. Very appropriate for March! I'm going to have to share this idea with my niece. She'll love it.


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