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Friday, March 2, 2012

Condiment Addiction

Dinner was over and I headed to the fridge.
My six year old, "mom, why do you eat that, like every night?"
Me, "I like it."
My six year old then proceeded to give me a look of confusion and disapproval.
Me, "I think I have a problem."

Do you think it is possible to be addicted to salsa? I realize there are worse addictions, but really, I already had dinner and I am still running for the jar. I am eating it at lunch, dinner, I bet it shows up for breakfast in the near future. I don't even need a chip...I mean I am not drinking it or anything, but I can figure out a way to make it work with whatever is handy.

You know what though, my six year old eats peanut butter and jelly practically every day so what am I worried about? What is your latest addiction?  :)


  1. Salsa . . . really? No chips? I can't relate to that, I must have chips with the salsa. Any particular brand?
    I love the look of disapproval from your six year old. That's too funny!
    I'm afraid my latest addiction is reading/commenting SOLC. At least that doesn't add calories. :-)

  2. For a second, I was picturing you eating it out of the jar with just a spoon and no other food to put it on. What would your daughter say to that? I can picture her disapproval. Fun slice of everyday life!

  3. Oh the things children notice. There could be worse addiction than salsa. Funny.

  4. My addictions change every so often. Mine has become that morning cup of coffee with some yummy flavoring each morning.
    I know a lot of people drink coffee daily, but until this last year I didn't even like it.
    My youngest daughter is stuck on oatmeal and milk EVERY morning...

  5. I think PB&J is a universal addiction for 6 year olds. Thanks for sharing the conversation with us. :)

  6. Addictions? Yep, too many to go into here, but Diet Coke is probably my #1 addiction! I know it's bad for me, and yet I stop every morning on the way to school and get one. Oh, and I'm very picky about my Diet Coke. It has to be a fountain soda in a paper cup. I drive my family crazy with this!

  7. I love the conversation you included. I can almost hear how it sounded! It always amazes me what kids notice...and what they don't too! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Lately, my addiction has been anything that I am not supposed to eat. I have a son with autism who eats the same thing every day. Each meal is unique, but the routine doesn't change. It makes buying groceries easy! Enjoy your salsa!

  9. Could be worse could be butter! enjoy your addiction sometimes it's all we have!lol

    First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

  10. Salsa is one of the healthiest addictions I can think of! Especially sans chips! I love that your 6 year old picked up on the pattern. Nothing gets by kids. My latest addiction is vanilla. Anything vanilla.

  11. When my kids were little I didn't want them to know I was drinking Diet Coke in the morning. I used to hide it in a coffee cup. Today both of them drink lots of coffee, me? Still drinking my Diet Coke!

  12. Addiction to carbs!! I think it's a comfort thing learned from childhood. I'm adult now though. But they taste "Soooo Goooood!" Good luck with your healthy salsa!!!

  13. Don't think of it as an addiction, think of it as a passion. Plus, salsa is healthy, right? It has to be more healthy than your child's peanut butter. Lately I have been addicted, I mean passionate about dark chocolate. Especially dark chocolate with sea salt. Yum! Enjoy your salsa...

  14. I will be the bad one and supprt your addiction. Add your salsa to and type of egg. Yummy! I know what I will be fixing for breakfast. My addiction would be cooking/baking. Great stress release in a stressful time.

  15. Salsa goes with anything! I think I could be addicted to ~ especially if it freshly made salsa! :-)

    First Grade Delight

  16. My addiction is more school supply related - Sharpies. I cannot pass up a new Sharpie. I love to write with them, draw with, make charts with them at school.

    Thinking Out Loud


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