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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bird Songs in the Morning


What am I grateful for? I am grateful that at this time in my life I am able to appreciate moments like this one. That I can walk outside with my camera and capture the moment. That my daughter can run out to be by my side and watch silently with me as we take it in...the sound, the enormously simple beauty of the day. 
I am grateful. 


  1. Just lovely - so peaceful, so full of promise. I am grateful for your post today!

  2. I'm saving this video for bleak days when I need to hear the birds sing against an amazing sky. What a wonderful moment to capture with your daughter.

  3. This is beautiful! The happy sound of the birds against the peaceful calm of the sky is very serene. This reminds me of one of the nature sounds CDs...beautiful.

  4. I love the rhythm that the woodpecker creates amongst the tweeting and chirping sounds. Now that is a moment of zen!


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