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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Funny Thing About Slices...A Peak Into My Afternoon

I have this friend, we will call her R-Dog for anonymity purposes (not really sure if that is necessary but it is fun). She is now a fellow slicer and we were talking about it at lunch. No one else, none of our colleagues, know we are slicing, have blogs, etc. It has almost become a "thing." I am not ready to share that vulnerability with everyone I see on a daily basis, but with you all I feel very safe. I know this will change as I grow. It was so much fun to talk with R-Dog about thinking like writers. How everything you do starts to become a story! How all these windows open up and as you look through them your perspective is so different. I was over the top elated and realized how much I appreciate being able to do this with a friend.

After lunch I went to my classroom and pondered what book I was going to read prior to writer's workshop. I still can't pick an author study, so I have been choosing favorite books from my mentor text box that show what I want kids to try. I chose In the Tall Tall Grass by Denise Fleming. I really love her books and illustrations. The kids noticed that she paints her pictures and asked, "can we do that too?" My response was, "I want you to do that, I just don't know how to do it yet exactly."

A little later, R-Dog and I caught up and I was telling her about this little issue that was beginning to brew. How do you let kids take the time to make/create a beautiful book? How do they learn to choose the one that is worthy and doable? How do you make it happen?
We decided it is probably easier than we are making it, and you just make it happen no matter what! I am excited to get on this and start letting kids fancy up some work, publish in a new way, and let their pride show through.

Kids came back from recess, sweaty with coats in their hands. Aaaah, yes, it reached that moment! A sixty degree moment where the kids feel a little more free from the restraint of snow pants. A little more free to run and hopefully a little more free to be creative soon too!


  1. You and your friend are lucky to have each other to talk writing and talk "shop" about your roadblocks. And, I bet she enjoyed talking as much as you did! I think it is a lovely idea to have your students fancy up their writing. I can't wait to see how they turn sure to share the results!

  2. I am jealous that you have a friend to share your slicing with live. :) It is evident in this piece that you are beginning to live as a writer and see things through a new lens. I can relate to your keeping slicing private. I have told a few teachers that I'm doing a challenge and why I am not even close to wanting to tell them my blog's address.

  3. Love the idea of "to fancy-up their writing". I have only told one of my teacher friends that I am blogging every day. Love they way you find slices of your life to share!

  4. Okay, I almost posted about my hesitancy to "invite" a real live friend to join me in slicing, but I thought maybe I was the only person who wouldn't open up and share in real life. Your slice today is very validating for me! I am glad it has worked out for you and R-dog (you're right, that nickname probably isn't necessary, but it is fun), and I wonder if maybe there might be someone like that in my life too. But then maybe the slicers will like my friend better than me! :) I am shameless. Thanks for an honest slice!

  5. My husband wishes I had someone else to talk to, he's tired of hearing about all my new friends and their lives. You are lucky to have someone to talk with.
    My kindergarten friend always has fix and fancy up Friday in her writer's workshop. This is the day they pick something they have been working on and now we put color in the pictures and perhaps check for capital letters and punctuation. Have you thought about Don & Audrey Wood as an author study?

    1. Audrey Wood is one of my favorite author studies! It is the first one I do during the school year!

  6. I'm looking forward to learning more about your blog, your writing, and your students' writing. There is a fine line for all of us. What do I share? What do I not share? I remember I had the same questions as a writer in middle school. I still struggle with that. I've started several drafts on my blog. We'll see if they ever get published.

  7. I have two colleagues/friends that did the challenge with me last year. One moved away & now my one friend & I are doing it again. I have continued through the year, but she has done more writing outside. We love talking together about slicing & what works, what doesn't. She is CS Petersen at Prose Cents & writes some beautiful & provocative pieces. As for the stories, our students do this all the time, k through 8th. I bet your illustrated stories will be wonderful. I wish I could show you some samples. I like the way you told us your thoughts about blogging/writing. It would be such fun to just sit down with everyone to talk about these ideas. You've brought up some good ones!


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