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Friday, August 3, 2012

That Kind of Day...

Kinderblog 2012 Question:
My tips or trick for getting through a day I don't feel at my best?

I have to say that the culprit for me not feeling my best is usually feeling overwhelmed by my workload. Creativity is my prescription. If I put out a cosmic explosion of materials and say have at it, that usually loosens everyone up a bit. I am also able to get a little something done too, which lessens my likely overwhelmed feeling.

The colder months are always tough too because there are those days you can't go outside and then there are the days you can and you have all the boots, snow pants, blah, blah, blah and mittens (the worst)! So I dream about the day when it will be 60 degrees or warmer and we can ditch all that stuff and run outside with no coats on. I usually have chalk and bubbles at the ready to celebrate. It is bound to put a smile on your face.

If all else fails, I go across the hall to my teaching buddy and talk with her until we are both laughing so hard it hurts. That is always a winner.
Happy August school dreams everyone. Have yours started yet?


  1. I begin officially in about 10 days, but already have appointments this coming week-argh-time to get going, isn't it? On one of those days, I usually take a few minutes to drift, then gather myself as if to say, 'get going', these few hours will soon be over, so make them count. It helps! But some days, as you describe, are better than others, Betsy. Thanks for the thoughts.

  2. Your teaching buddy thinks that it helps to laugh it out with you too on a day that isn't the best. I love the bubbles and chalk...I hear bubbles when it's cold out is fun too! Maybe this winter...


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