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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Chapter

A slug,
a troll,
is what I've been.

A bit slow,
a bit small,
invisible I've been.

Not slimy
not hairy
but, I've been.

A bit sorry,
a bit pity,
a bit sad I've been.

So, I've been away from the blogosphere a bit. Not how I would have pictured my August to be. I had big plans to write everyday. Then, on a sunny August day, on my way outside to ask my husband a question snap, bam, boom, I broke my foot.
People...I teach kindergarten!
I looked at my husband after the realization and all he could say is, "I know."
I was in disbelief. It has changed everything about how I would normally prepare. It has changed my priorities. It has forced me to look at things differently. It is a small thing, really it is...but it has changed me. I can still do a lot of things and there are a lot of things I cannot do. It makes many things take twice as long, and again, there are some things I just can't do, so I save time! I can't go to my writing spot in my house, this changes me and my routines. I have had to give in and give up on some things, but it is really just a bump. A short chapter in the many of my life. I have always said, I hope to make my life a great read, everyone should.

Sometimes, I just wish I was the one writing it!


  1. I, too, have many days that I wish I were writing my own life. When injuries, illnesses, or other unwanted things happen, it just feels like someone else is writing my life.
    I hope your foot heals. I know how hard it is to be injured and teach.

  2. I hope the next chapter is an easy one! I start my 4th year in K this year. Well actually Young 5's. There is a ton of set up!!
    Blessings on your new year!

  3. Oh Betsy, isn't it John Lennon who said, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." That's you. I just thought you were taking a nice break, but it never occurred to me it was an accident. I'm glad it was no more, & I assume you are healing. You know, the little kindies will love this, talking about it, looking at your cast, etc. You'll be a hit! Best wishes!!

  4. I am glad you back to slicing and writing! The simplicity of your poem makes it powerful! Wishes for a speedy recovery!

  5. Oh no! There is definitely never a good time to break your foot, but it has forced you to slow down a bit, reflect, and learn about life in this small chapter of your life. I love how you have thought about it. Best wishes for a smooth recovery and new normal.


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