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Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Classroom of Love

Celebrations, thanks and gratitude...I have them all. 

I celebrate my students everyday but what I love the most about each of them is the tolerance they demonstrate on a daily basis. We have a lot going on in our first grade classroom:
A student who screams because it is a release from all the sensory stimulation we cannot relate to, but is loved.
A student in a wheelchair battling a disease, but is loved.
A student who goes under the table because he is overwhelmed, but is loved.
A student who interrupts, distracts and disrupts, but is loved.
A student who is very hands on with peers, but is loved.
A student who is difficult to communicate with because of a neurological disorder, but is loved.

All these students and their needs are tolerated, embraced and accepted in a classroom of love. What could be a better celebration? I can't think of one.


  1. I would love to visit your classroom. The love you have for these kids runs deep. If someone loves my child, I love them and that is what your parents must feel too.

  2. "I celebrate my students every day" - I wish it was a motto for all teachers. Classroom of Love - a wonderful place to be.

  3. I am with Elsie; I would love to visit your classroom! I think how blessed a child must feel to be in a classroom where love is abundant!

  4. Betsy, what a lovely place to be - your classroom where all are tolerated, embraced, accepted, and loved.

  5. Truer words could not be written. Your students are certainly blessed to have you in their lives!

  6. Special to hear, Betsy. What a wonderful teacher you are to help your community thrive, each and every one!

  7. What everyone else has said. How wonderful for kids to be in a classroom where the things that are truly important are celebrated!

  8. It's almost like they are family. This shows the community you have created and the innate tolerance of children. Beautiful celebration of being human.


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