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Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Week of Celebrations!

Celebrating? Yes!
I am celebrating a short work week that deviated from the normal. When this happens everything gets the shaft a bit and I love that my students, though they love a little deviation, get upset when Writing Workshop is cut short. There are groans and moans and my boys say, "It's already over?" or "When do we get to finish? Can I do it during open choice (playtime)?" Yes, I celebrate this. Even though we were making pilgrim hats in one room, watching Charlie Brown in another and learning about popcorn in my room, when my class returned from their crafty projects they wanted to write. I live for this.

I had a student write a story about being an author, the title was, "When I Become an Author." Ummm, yes I celebrate this. I celebrated so much I interviewed her on camera to express to her how much I love that she feels she will accomplish this goal. Then I reminded her she already was an author, of many many books.

Celebration also flew in this week when I spent time with my children on a less than busy Thanksgiving day. We ate spaghetti! We laughed. We played. We deviated from the normal Thanksgiving traditions and it was fun.

I chalked the other day with my kids, at night. My daughter kept asking, "When are we doing Chalk-A-Bration?" I kept telling her, "Oh, yeah, we'll get to it." Then it was suddenly dark. Well, so what, get a flashlight and let's go! So we did and we loved it.

Today we spent the day with my husband's family. It is always nice to reconnect and we laugh...a lot! My cheeks hurt a little.

Tomorrow I get to see my family and celebrate my mom's birthday. I can't wait. My sister and I bought a very special necklace for my mom that symbolizes an important part of life, a life that lacks nothing. Most of us live this truth. Our lives really lack nothing if there is love shared. I hope you have love to share in your lives and can find time to celebrate that love.

Thanks to Margaret for sharing her students Thanku! Check them out here. 


  1. You have so much to celebrate with your class when they choose writing over other activities. That has to make your heart sing. Thanksgiving celebrations just keep coming in your world. Sounds like a great place to be!

  2. As I read through some of the Celebrations this week, I notice a common thread of family, personal and professional celebrations. I too felt that way as I wrote my piece long before I started reading....and the similarities are glaring. It may just be the effect of the holiday season upon us or the end of the calendar year that is staring at us. PS I am sure you mom will LOVE the necklace!

  3. Family, love and good times - just the sort of Thanksgiving break that means the most.

  4. It all sounds wonderful, Betsy. One year we needed to change traditions because of a loss and we had lasagne, salad & tiramisu. It was the easiest Thanksgiving I've ever made, & we loved it! Good for you for making spaghetti!


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