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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Days Folding In On Themselves

Today was a day that began early and felt as though it would not end.
A poetry slice.

The day
a beginning
an end
it circles around me
I am the middle
and the edges never come together
but they exist
as I exist
one folding into the other
they lay together with no contrast
as days pass over each other
covering the twists and jolts
the ugly and the beautiful
the parts that would
distinguish the two
covered by the next day
and I am left with a smooth surface
each morning
a blanket to swaddle
all the parts of me
I hold it tightly
and wait for the end
as the beginning unravels
unfolds and begins


  1. I love reading your poems, wishing I could break out of my insecurities to create some myself. I would love for you to come to my classroom to give my kids and myself some pointers so that we could write some ourselves.

    1. That needs to happen! I would love it.

  2. This one is amazing Betsy! "I hold it tightly/and wait for the end/as the beginning unravels/unfolds and begins" - perfect!

  3. I love the circular feel of this poem.

  4. I just love your poems. They are always so thought provoking and this ones is especially pleasing. You have a real way of making a beginning and end come together beautifully.

  5. Your poem is more than circular, it's a mobius.


Thanks for the comment love!