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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Poetry Celebrations and Opportunities

The world is alive with poetry and I am hoping to be smack in the middle of it, overwhelmed by it and excited by it. I have been perusing the internet to see what things are on the horizon this month and stumbled on to Jama Rattigan's blog, Jama's Alphabet Soup. She has a whole list of activities going on the whole month.

Then late last night I ran across a tweet from Stacey:

I got beyond excited and quickly visited Chris Lehman's site. Here is a portion of the flyer with the link to more information.

I plan on trying to get on the team. It would be so much fun to be in a writing group that focused on poetry. I really think it would stretch me as a writer of all forms. So, join in too or send me some positive vibes that I get a response of YES! Crossing my fingers.


  1. I saw this, too, Betsy - and signing up too, if there's room!

  2. Thanks for sharing these resources. Several years ago I did an online poetry workshop with Georgia Heard. It was amazing.

  3. I would love to write poetry with others! Looking into this tonight! I hope I can get up for work tomorrow! LOL

  4. Thanks for sharing this. Not sure I am quite ready for it, but good to know about it as a resource.


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