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Monday, March 31, 2014

Don't Cry Just Come Back Tomorrow!

Snow is melting. My chalk is out. I am happy to see the sun. But more than anything else I am happy my daughter can wear shoes that are socially acceptable without socks. IT'S SANDAL TIME!
My daughter is a sweety but put her in socks and she can be a down right terror. We love her, but the sockless boot wearing and sockless shoe wearing gets...well...smelly. I mean really. I'll just put it right out there the girl's feet would burn the hair out of your nose if you got too close. Now there are also other articles of clothing she does not like and I will leave that out of this post, but lets just say today she got to wear a dress, sleeveless, with sandals and there was not a tear shed. By either of us. Hallelujah, thank you spring.

Now, onto other business.
Today was Chalk-A-Bration. Check out the chalkers here.
Today was the last day of March SOLSC, but please join us tomorrow at TWT for the Tuesday SOL.

It has been wonderful getting to know so many new people through this process. I love SOLSC and appreciate all the readers and commenters that stopped by here on their way around the links. It is fun to share a space in this community. I hope I will see some of you at ALL WRITE!!! in June or maybe a few of you at nErD CampMI in July. If so, please leave a comment so I remember to search you out! Until then, happy April (write a poem) and happy spring.


  1. Daughters are funny little beings. . .I never would have guessed, if I had only my two boys. .. life is now quite an adventure. And slicing life has been such a fun part of that this month!

  2. Betsy, I didn't know you were going to All-Write-me, too! So exciting to go again! FYI-my granddaughter painted a pic for me last week-of a flip-flop! She and your daughter would have a great time, no socks! Thanks for the chalking!

  3. Sandal days are happy days! Not quite ready for sandals here, but I have broke out the capris!
    Still not successful on the toe touch :(
    Happy April!


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