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Thursday, March 13, 2014

What about...

It happened again. Another snow day. This is the second one this week. We have professional development tomorrow so that means no students. That means I saw my students for two days this week and won't have seen them for five when we return on Monday. Half my conferences need to be rescheduled. I couldn't get to my school to even work on my own there yesterday because no roads had been plowed. Then there was today. I knew school was cancelled. I had gotten the call last night. I wondered:
What should I do today? Go to school? Do I really want to take the kids there? I won't actually get anything done or I will just have to plant them in front of a screen to keep them occupied so I can clean a space on my desk. Worth it? No, not really.
I could clean my house! Well, maybe a little anyway.
I could get my things packed and around for my trip this weekend to MRA. Eh, maybe later.
I could sit on my computer and blindly look at the screen to think about my post for Monday or my overview for a conference this summer that is due, like probably yesterday. Oh, it can wait.
I could read my new book. UM, WINNER!
That's really all I felt like doing. I wanted to read and write just for myself today. Not for a post or a lesson or anybody. Just for fun. Read letters from poets, (my new book from yesterday's post, Seeing the Blue in Between). Listen to their advice. Try things out and write. I sprinkled in some other things. A little cleaning here and a shamrock shake for my kids there along with a little bathroom scrubbing and dishy washing. I do really need to get to some other things today. At least for now it felt good to do something for myself instead of meeting some other demand or deadline.


  1. Wow! You really have gotten hammered out there this winter! (I saw pics of people slipping and sliding on the roads in Michigan on the news this morning. I thought, "Not in Michigan! They know how to handle the snow and ice out there." But alas, it WAS Michigan.)
    Here's to hoping for a five-day week next week.

  2. This is the winter that will not end. It has been so hard to get children into a good rhythm, each week so broken up. Smart choice to do something for yourself!

  3. It has been so hard to keep the routine going with all these days. I do have to commend you for using your day to keep some balance. When we are teaching, we wait until we are completely depleted to do something for ourselves. Good for you!

  4. It sounds like you had a nice day today! I did something for myself today that is also for work. I planned math and language for the month of April and even a little of May. This is, of course, assuming that we don't have any more snow days to mess it up! I did this for February and March too, but there were more days that I had to shift and rearrange than not due to the days off we have had. Oh well. Hopefully this is the end of the snow!? Either that or we can plan a field trip to watch the July 4 fireworks for our students. :)

  5. I've been reading Slices today about the joy of making the day what you want it to be. So you, Betsy need to write :)

  6. We had a snow day too- included cooking and a snuggly nap. So glad you got to enjoy your new book!

  7. Another snow day?! But you made it YOUR day, Betsy - woo hoo!

  8. Wow, I'm glad we escaped this latest storm! So good you took time for yourself, plus you got other things accomplished too.

  9. It seems you made a good celebration out of this latest day off. So sorry for all the weather-ew! Glad you'll be at MRA & will look forward to your sharing from there. The poetry book you talked about yesterday is one I've been aware of, but still haven't seen-maybe sometime. Hope the day tomorrow is good!


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