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Friday, March 28, 2014

Colleague Talk

I am so grateful to all my colleagues. I had conversations with each of these people today and upon reflecting on their friendship I am grateful to each of them.

You remind me how grounded I am and push me to new levels. I appreciate your loving heart and calming demeanor. You always know the right thing to say and help me steer the ship. Your encouragement has helped me get where I am and will help me go where I'm headed.

Thank you for the conversations. When I talk to you I am reminded that I am not far off but instead sailing in the right direction. I feel motivation build when we talk of writing and slicing. Your moments that you have shared here in the slicing world and the moments you share in your teaching life help us all.

You have always been someone I can go to for support. When I first began teaching in our building and still today I can come to you. I can be honest about my struggles and gain support from your experience. You share and go beyond to help your students and colleagues move forward.

Every day I have worked with you I can count on your positive attitude. No matter what the turmoil or success may be it is approached with a smile and encouragement. I appreciate the "rock" you have become.

Even when it has been weeks since a conversation we can pick up right where we left off. We can joke about the past and enjoy the glimmers of our future. Your hugs are real and feed my soul with a bit of comfort that no one else can give me.

I may not see you every day but when I do it brings a smile to my face. Not everyone has this kind of presence but you evoke happiness wherever you go. You are tender but strong.

You always have time. I don't know how this is possible with the "to do" list you must have, but there is always time. I appreciate the guidance and support you offer. Your passion for encouraging readers lead my son to read three chapter books in five days. Thank you.

Whether it is stormy or sunny in our classroom I can count on a little bit of dancing with you each day. The joy we share together never gets old and our silliness gets us through the tricky moments pushing us toward the better ones. Your constant support and loving heart the past two years have made all of us better.

There are more. There are so many more people I am lucky to know. People I am lucky to have support and love from each day. I work in a place where it doesn't matter what test is on the next corner or what craziness awaits the the next curve, because we support one another to get to those places. I don't think you can find that. I believe it found me and I am grateful.


  1. What a blessing to be surrounded by so much love and support. I'm also lucky to have wonderful colleagues-it makes going to work so fun.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Betsy! You gave me a smile today. We are lucky to work in a great environment and with great people. I feel blessed to not only work with you but even more to call you my friend. ((Hugs))

  3. What a beautiful gift to your colleagues!

  4. Thank you! I have appreciated your nudging me in the blog direction. That was just the push I needed to do what I enjoy! You have built up my confidence. It seems that we don't have the opportunities to appreciate and learn from our colleagues anymore. We are too busy! Not sure how I just noticed this post two weeks later, though.


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