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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Half Book Worm

My son asked me a week or so ago, "What's a book worm?" I told him it was just someone who was always reading and loved books.
"Oh, well then I'm a book worm," was his response.

This morning I woke up with pink eye. I was so frustrated, getting a sub for the morning, making plans, you can imagine. While I was getting my coffee my kids were eating breakfast. My son asked if we could go to the library since we weren't going to school right away. Uh, not really on my agenda! Though I appreciated his cute request. Then my daughter started crying because she didn't want to miss, "Read to Someone," at school.
My son paused and looked at her, "Wait, what? You love reading?"
To which my daughter said, "Yes."
Then it went something like this:
Elliot,"Oh, well then you're a book worm."
Jane, "Hey, don't call me that. I just like reading to someone."
Elliot, "Oh, well then you're just half a book worm."


  1. Great work Betsy. I hope your book worms stay that way!

  2. Love to listen to kids talk! It is great that you got it all down to show them when they are older!

  3. Love. What a precious moment. I think conversations between children and with children make for great slices.

  4. They have it all figured out. When you need an answer, just ask! It will be something to remember! Sorry for the 'pink eye'! Is it a day or two to get it under control?

  5. This is really sweet! How fabulous that your son wanted to go by the library for more books; how great that your children were 'bickering' about books - excellent!

  6. How cute - "half a bookworm". Hope your pink eye clears up quickly.

  7. Aw, I love those two little bookworms! So proud of those little readers! I hope the pink eye goes away quickly!

  8. Half a book worm ... hahaha ... where do they come up with this stuff?!? Love it! I thought he was going to tell you that you were the half book worm because one of your eyes was all goopey and closed shut from the pink eye! :) Hope that clears up quickly!


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