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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Buttons and Bobbins

My son checked out a book about crafting and different sewing projects from the library on Friday. He has been looking at the page depicting a cross-stitch project longingly.
"It says, easy as A, B, C, mom. I really want to do this one."
What could I say, except under my breath..."not as easy as A, B, C."
However, this would be a good lesson in patience. We made a trip to the craft store last night and got materials. We decided to get a small and simple kit so we would have everything at our fingertips and then get some aida cloth for practicing. The practicing began this morning and the hardest part began when we couldn't thread the needle. We needed a "needle threader." My husband was sure I probably had one in my great-grandmother's old sewing box. I began the search. No needle threader. But it got me thinking about other places to look.
What about the seat of her sewing machine?
 I peeked inside decored needle point seat. There was an old box inside.
I opened it up to find buttons, bobbins and an assortment of sewing materials. It was what I smelled though that made me feel nostalgic. I could smell her ivory soap mixed with lotion smell. I took it in as images of her filled my senses.
I have many memories of my great-grandmother. She lived a long time and we would take her on short trips every weekend when I was in middle and high school. Her and I would sit in the back seat of the car together and she would tell me stories.
But, no needle threader.
My husband, who had continued searching the layers of the sewing box was victorious! There was one threader that wasn't broken. Yay!

It makes me happy to imagine the many projects that were made with this needle threader and the many memories that are captured in these little boxes of her life. 


  1. Interesting how one idea brings memories of another. Happy crafting with your son!

  2. That got me thinking of the tobacco can of buttons my mom used to keep. I loved sticking my hand in to feel the buttons flow over my fingers. I haven't thought of that can in years. Thanks for bringing that memory back.

  3. That is a beautiful box, with many layers of memories, too. I do love old things, and the stories they have to tell.

  4. Smell memories are incredible. It's wonderful how opening it brought your great-grandmother right back to you.

    BTW: I can't do anything without a needle threader! (I have been taking a hiatus from needlepointing, but when I did it regularly, I couldn't function without my needle threader.)

  5. What a wonderful way for your son to have a connection to your grandmother and for the memories it brings to you.

  6. One thing led to another the book, the project idea, the trip to the craft store, the start and then the stop. The stop led to such a sweet retreat into the past.

  7. I love that little man wanted to try his project and all the great things that lead to!

  8. I can't wait to see the project you and your little guy create with your great-grandmas tools!

  9. Wow, Betsy, very special that you have those things from your Great Grandmother. And it's also great that you son wants to do such a project-a passing on from generations!


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