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Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Moment, A Day, A Look Ahead

At this moment I have 14 books on hold at the best library ever. I am a bit partial, but I really love my library. It is right in the center of downtown among the hustle and bustle of life. Now, it's not the prettiest library I've ever seen. There are many that look more fancy, have more seating maybe even more books. That does not diminish my love. It is my library. It has to be my favorite. It is right next to the river. We always have to stop and look at the water when we visit. My kids have to walk the handicap ramp every time and we can almost never leave without too many books. (There might actually be such a thing, when you can barely carry them, it could be too many). But, we do it anyway. My daughter and I finished Freckle Juice by Judy Blume last night and my son finished his book all about the underground railroad. Now we will be off to pick up two books about the life of Harriet Tubman and as many picture books as we can carry for my daughter (who am I kidding, me too).

As the day ticks along my strep infected child lays on the couch with the iPad. My son is playing with his electronic snap circuits making every single project. Our plans to go see the Lego Movie are put on hold and I have just finished making the grocery list.

Looking at the week ahead I'm excited because on Friday night I leave for MRA and can't wait to see and meet new people. Are you going? Please let me know in the comments! I can't believe I get to hear R.J. Palacio speak and see Barry Lane talk about writing and kindness through song. Colby Sharp, Linda Urban, Katherine Applegate, & Lisa McMann are presenting on a culture of creativity and passion. I will finally meet Ruth McNally Barshaw, a friend of my sister's, and get to see her amazing drawings come alive in person. See what I mean, I might just burst!

Until then, I will go check on my daughter, listen to the newest snap circuit sound my son has created, print the grocery list for my husband and prepare for my trip to the library.


  1. The library was the center of our life when my kids were young, Betsy - it should be that way for all children, right?! Wish I were going to this conference, too - but I am sure you'll share all that you learn. How exciting!

  2. Your library sounds delightful. And I will be at MRA! Can't wait to see you.

  3. Your book bag is bursting along with your heart! So good to hear that library love is strong, maybe fueled in part by the desire to pass that love on your children. And, the conference sounds wonderful. Please share!

  4. You know how excited I was for my conference, & I've been seeing Colby talk about his session for a while now. Sounds just awesome, Betsy, but I'll have to wait for the All-Write. Love each part for all of us!

  5. Your library sounds wonderful. Who cares if it's not the prettiest. It's everything else about it that really matters! (BTW: I love the way you, too, have a large stack of picture books to carry out of there.)

    On a related note, I pinned this on Pinterest a couple of years ago. I know it's bookstores, not libraries, but your post made me think of it.

    MRA should be awesome. I've heard it's one of the best reading conferences in the country. One day I'll get there...

  6. It's me again. I just searched and found this: ENJOY!

  7. I am a little (or little more ) sad that I won't be going to MRA even though it is in my state and not that far....But I am sure I will be going to the library this week. We should compare pictures of our libraries as I think mine is pretty special as well! Have fun at MRA!

  8. I used to love taking my kids to the library. We would sit for long periods of time just perusing all the wonderful books. Trent was picky and only wanted books with trucks, tractors, and things with wheels. Ashley wasn't so picky which was a problem because it was difficult to persuade her to make some choices so we weren't having to back up the pickup truck to load them all in.
    I used to love to go to the MRA conference every year. I learned so much and I would go with a few other teachers from school but no one has expressed any interest in going so I stopped. I would absolutely love to go next year with you if you decide to go!
    Hopefully you can pick up some great information that you could pass on to us :) hint hint!

  9. Library and a conference all rolled into one post, what could be better? I know, not having a sick child. Too bad about strep and no Lego movie. The movie is cute.


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