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Monday, March 17, 2014

Great Moment

Today was a day I will remember.

I am posting today, on Two Writing Teachers, about Barry Lane and the session of his that I attended on Saturday. Be sure to check it out at 8:00 tonight. As I wrote this piece last night I was thinking how neat it would be to interview Barry and find out more about his new book that is coming out this May. I'd love to review it and use some of his ideas. I decided last night I would call his organization on Monday morning.

My kids were off to the gym for PE this morning and I was finally collecting my thoughts for the day. I made the call. A very nice voice on the phone listened to my introduction and request to get an advanced copy of the book and possibly interview Barry. Her response shocked me a bit:
"Well, I think Barry is right here. Let me get him for you."

I quickly wrote down my name on paper and why I was calling while I was on hold in case I totally froze up when he came on the phone. There was no need to fret, talking to Barry was like talking to an old friend. It was great. While I was talking to him my principal walked in my room to set up a meeting with me, noticing I was on the phone, he backed out slowly. He could tell I was excited and focused at the same time.

Later when I went to my principal's office he said, "I could tell you were talking to some writing person again!" I had to laugh. He knows where my passion lies.

After the phone call and meeting with my principal I quickly went down the hall to my best buddy to tell her the news. We got giddy together. Then I called my mom and texted my husband. Isn't it funny how everybody has people they look up to? I think Barry Lane is on my list of rock stars!


  1. I love Barry Lane. He is a rock star indeed. Talented, he is a force and his ideas help shape how I reach writers in my room. I bet it made your week that you got to speak with him directly!

  2. Next time you decide to call and chat with Barry, come get that best buddy BEFORE you call so she can listen in! So exciting for you! ;)

  3. Barry Lane was a presenter at a conference my office put on, so we got to spend some extra time with him one summer. He's amazing! I am so looking forward to his dinner meeting at All Write. Yup, I'm coming back. :-)

  4. Isn't it funny how we have our own set of celebrities in the teaching world? Also, I had a similar experience when I discovered that a local public radio host is in my yoga class. I completely freeze every time I try to have a conversation with her!

  5. This is so, so cool! I just got home from my board meeting. I will read your post on TWT with fresh eyes tomorrow. For now, I'm going to write my slice and then go to bed since it's way past my bedtime!

  6. Oh my gosh! I am jumping up and down with excitement for you! He is definitely entertaining to listen to and is so very creative also! I have admired his skill for years. I had to laugh about your (and mine) principal's comment. I could hear him saying those exact words. But.... next time you decide to have a chit chat with Barry come get me too :)

  7. Woah what a moment! I loved your post Betsy, so thought-provoking. It inspired my Slice today. What a perfect "rule" - be our best selves. Love that you jumped at the chance to interview Barry.


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