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Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Sleepless Night Poem

Whispers in my ear. Writing in my sleep.

a silent night
dust motes dance
in lines of white
glistening hushes
silent light
rays send beams
a muted sight
thinking drifts
a noiseless plight
the moon is speaking
whispered bright


  1. At least your sleepless night led to a beautiful poem. May you have sweet slumbers tonight.

  2. Wonderful whispery images....may they lull you to sleep tonight.

  3. Sorry you were sleepless, my friend, but at least you were productive! I'm not quite so creative when I'm sleepless...more like frustrated and grumpy. Your sleepless poem is beautiful!

  4. "Thinking drifts - a noiseless plight" that line captures what happens - thinking that plagues our ability to sleep well. I'm a firm believer in Bucky sleep masks. There's something about putting on my eye pads that calms my racing brain and helps me get back to sleep. Look for the $20 soft ones that come with earplugs, not the ones that look like a bra. I gave them as gifts to two colleagues who both report improved sleep.

  5. If that came to you in your sleep, I can't imagine what comes to you when you're awake!! ha ha ha - absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous word choice.

  6. Beautiful night time imagery here. I feel like it could be illustrated like a little board book. Love little poem.

  7. Betsy, your imagery is lovely. I am always amazed what times between sleep and wake bring.

  8. Beautiful. It's good you listened to the whispers on a sleepless night.

  9. Wow, Betsy. I'm sorry you couldn't sleep, but how wonderful that you created something so gorgeous with your words!

    May I feature this poem in one of the "be inspired" sections of my daily solsc calls? Please email me and lmk. Thanks!


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