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Monday, March 10, 2014

Chalk is in the Air!

I look at a day like today and I start to see a thaw happening. Writable surfaces are once again revealing themselves. It delights me. My husband has been chopping ice on our driveway, preparing it. The sun was melting more of it, though the driveway is wet, I hope it will dry soon enough. I will need to be patient as we await another snow storm this week and freezing temps. However, I know a day like today means spring is also waiting. Waiting for its chance to be more than just a presence but a semi-permanent state.
Once it is here, I will no longer need to write my chalk poems on paper or easels. I will be able to abandon the little chalk boards in my classroom and I will be free to choose from sidewalks, driveways and parking lots anywhere (well, almost anywhere).
Let the chalketry commence, (soon anyway).

No idea why I have an affinity for chalk? I celebrate poetry the last day of each month with a chalked poem or illustration for any passerby to see. It is a fun way to celebrate poetry and playful chalk at the same time.


  1. My slice today was about the moment of Sunshine we had, today. In that moment of Sunshine, my boys and I took a moment to create with our new 3-D sidewalk chalk.

    It really created the feeling that spring is around the corner.

  2. I love the idea of a chalked poem! I'm do not like the feel of chalk...but my first graders would love it. Spring is almost here!!!

  3. It's 72 here today, a little snow tomorrow, then back to the fifties, Betsy. You are so right, now I need to find my chalk! I have a perfect place, I think!

  4. Yay for days when we can take the chalk outdoors!

  5. I love winter, and I'm excited for one more storm this week - but I can't wait to see your poems!!

  6. Just think, after all the snow and ice, your sidewalk will so clean and ready for your poetry!

  7. I can't wait for your chalkabrations either .. not only to read but that means sunny days! Writing poems.. hmmm that is out of my element. Maybe you could give me some hints on how I could do a bit of that this year with my 3rd graders.

  8. Isabelle has been chalking the past two afternoons. Lots of scribbles. She's totally loving it. Wait 'til she is old enough to chalk poems!

  9. Fingers crossed for March!



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