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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Slicer!

If you only have a moment, instead of reading my slice, go see Kris, a new slicer and give her some blog love.

Last night I went to our Literacy Night. I ran into many colleagues and happy faces. One of which is a fellow writing friend. I reminded her it wasn't too late to begin the SOLSC and she lit up a bit.
"I just have to do it!" she said.
"Yes, you do and I will even help you."
We talked some more and by the end of the conversation she had determined she would write that evening.

This morning:
"So...did you write?" I asked
"Yeah, I wrote about my son's boots." She was ready. She was ready to take the challenge and even make herself more accountable by sharing her challenge with her students. I went down to her classroom and we linked up her slice. She told me that she was going to have her students slice everyday in their notebooks for the month and they could hold each other accountable. Her class is a tough group and she needed something to motivate them when writing quick writes outside of their essay unit. I was so excited by all this and we talked for quite a while about tricks to get kids excited about writing, even if they act/feel helpless when facing a blank page.
Yesterday I sliced about conversations and relationships we have in our lives. I'm glad to have this relationship with a colleague who is passionate and caring when it comes to getting her kids to live their writing.

So, if you are still reading and want to comment, I would ask you to do this instead, stop reading, go to her blog and give her a comment. She is a talented writer and teacher who barely needed a nudge to get her words out there. Your words will keep her going.
Here is the link to her slice.


  1. I love that you reached out to someone to write...and that she embraced the opportunity!

  2. What a wonderful, encouraging friend are! ( Do not worry I will visit Kris, too>

  3. Thank you for slicing and to visit Kris!

  4. Your passion for writing had to be contagious. Look at you pulling in more slicers. Way to go Betsy!

  5. You are a good friend Betsy! I love how you were able to nudge others to join in. It's such a great experience!

  6. Just read Kris' post and left her a comment. I know how important those comments are! You are so sweet to encourage her~ smiles

  7. Thank you, Betsy, for supporting a writer - this is what make our community so special.

  8. Thanks for encouraging me to write and not giving up on me! Especially as I am technology deficient! :)

  9. Wonderful, Betsy-I'll go right over! Good for you for the encouragement!

  10. Thanks for promoting a newbie. It makes all the difference! Going now..

  11. This is so kind of you! That's the true SOLSC spirit!


Thanks for the comment love!