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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


We had our Literacy Night this evening. I look forward to this every year. Watching children and their parents enjoy games, books and writing together. It amazes me that with just a few materials magic can happen between a parent and a child. I think this is a nice way to communicate the ease of literacy being a part of our everyday lives.
Afterward came the clean-up and shut down of the evening. It went quickly and families left smiling. When all was said and done I went to compliment our literacy coach, the coordinator of the event. We had a nice conversation about frequent questions writing teachers ask. I appreciated, even on a busy night, she was eager to talk "shop" with me and reflect together.
It comes down to these relationships that fuel us. Relationships with children, parents and colleagues. It takes all of us to figure it out and make these learning experiences something to remember, to grow from.


  1. Sounds like you build great relationships every where.

  2. It feels good to talk shop with someone who enjoys what they do as much as you do. I'm glad the evening went well. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself as much as the kids did!

  3. Conversations are the life blood of relationships, and your post reflects the joy in relationships and took me to a great place.

  4. I agree; as a literacy coach (and human being), I believe everything hinges on relationships. We have a family literacy night in our local park just before school is out. It is one of my favorite events of the year, too.

  5. Your final thoughts inspired by the Literacy Night could be written on a poster.


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