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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fill in Your Own Title

It's chilly.
Layered, I pull on
fingerless gloves with
the mitten top.
Sliding the black band
over my head phones
they are already playing
Tune Yards shuffling
to Temper Trap.
I didn't say we liked
the same music;
we probably don't.
But we are under
the same sun
that is blinding
and beautiful
causing drivers
to move with their hand
in a permanent high five
I give them an imaginary
smack as they go by
spattering their mud
on my shoes
and spraying me with gravel.
My eyes are lit
with brightness that has been
While the snow
has been mounting
now defeated by warmth
she looks like road kill.
As I go past, occasionally
I take ballet steps across her
and daintily step to the ground
as though reaching for
the princes hand
outstretched for me.
But no, I am alone
and honestly
glad to be
with the puddles
and browning snow.
The bits of life that
are revealing themselves
and birds that chirp
on this sunlit run.


  1. This is beautiful, love the imaginary slap and the snow defeated by warmth. Hmm a title… Victory Jog
    Excellent slice.

  2. Out, out in the enchanting out of doors! Beautifully expressed, strong voice, Betsy, almost like you're singing.

  3. So beautiful, Betsy. I almost feel like I should take up running. (Nah!)

    As for a title, there are so many possibilities. I think I like it best untitled so that each of us can pick one that resonates with us.

  4. "...causing drivers to move with their hand in a permanent high five position.
    I give them an imaginary smack at they go by..."

    I love the whole thing but really enjoyed the line above.

  5. Now that is an amazing poem. I felt the energy of your run - powered by your music. I felt the energy of the morning - as your words streamed down the page.
    I think it's
    "Bit's of Life"

  6. How great! Choose your own title - what a wonderful way to support interpretation. I must do that with kids!
    And this is elegant, rich, and so full of depth. I love your writing.
    A title? I think I would go with something simple, like "Spring".

  7. You have written a lot of poems that I enjoy Betsy, but this one is my favorite! I love the rhythm of the words and the feelings and images that your words evoke. I was picturing you throughout the poem...traveling with you as you ran along and mentally high-fiving along with you! LOVE IT!

  8. Betsy, somehow I missed this during the Challenge, but Anna linked to it in her post on TWT. I'm so glad I stopped by to read it! It's amazing!! I love the image of you giving the sun-blinded drivers an imaginary high five. Beautiful poem! Wow!


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