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Friday, March 21, 2014

Know Your Higher Self

Earlier in the week I sliced about talking to Barry Lane on the phone. Since then I have begun to implement some of the ideas from his new book, Force Field for Good. I am so excited by this program and its message. Imagine if we all chose to be our higher selves, what a world it would be!

We scrapped our old rule chart and drew pictures of ourselves. I connected them in a circle writing our one and only classroom rule, Be Your Higher Self. It makes me a little teary every time I look at the chart. It reminds me what a group we have become and how connected we are, like a family. Here is our chart:


  1. I love this idea of being your higher self. I wonder how my seventh graders would respond to it.

  2. LOVE this!! So simple yet such a big, visual concept!

  3. Love the idea of a rule review/ redo now that we are a learning family. I wonder how that would look differently now. Hmmm.... Wheels spinning!

  4. Love this: "Be Your Higher Self." Have to agree with Deb above. Revisiting is a great idea. Thanks, Betsy.



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