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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Space

About a month ago I began thinking about starting a new blog. I sort of swept the idea away as fast as it came. I couldn't imagine having another place to write, but the little corners of my life didn't really always seem to fit the purpose of my other blogs. I have Teaching Young Writers, which was my first blog where I began a great journey into communities like Two Writing Teachers and explored my understanding of the teaching of writing in my kindergarten classroom. It was a corner of my world, but only one. I began slicing there anyway. Then poetry seemed to be taking over many of my slices and posts. I had joined in on Poetry Friday quite regularly and felt like I needed a spot for my poems. That is when I Think in Poems was born. From there I decided to start a classroom blog, Hubbard's Headlines to post my students chalk poetry and artwork as well as links for parents to useful tools for learning. Three seemed like enough, maybe too many already. But, along came the opportunity to blog with Stacey, Beth, Anna, Dana and Tara at Two Writing Teachers and another blog was added to my list.
SO, Why yet another? I needed a spot to put the other parts of my life. A place to store slices and journeys with my family. I needed another space and here I am at I'm Living My Words. I recently transferred all my SOL posts over to this blog because this is really where I want them to be. I want all my little random corners to land here for safe keeping. It feels good to have a place for all those bits of my life.
I'm sure I will still put an occasional poem and maybe even a slice about my classroom too! But until then it will primarily be for slicing.
Now onto a slice!

Today was one of those busy days where I felt like I might not get everything done and sure enough, I didn't. I have report cards hanging over my head. I had a poem to submit for an online poetry class. Barry Lane is coming to visit my school next Friday and I am making final preparations for his arrival. My daughter's room is a sty, (it's so bad). There is a ton of laundry to fold because my husband was sick all weekend and he is normally a huge help in this area. My son has an "at school field trip" with a lumber jack tomorrow and I had to get a snack for the big day. A bunch of little things along with the big things like work, dinner, playing UNO with my daughter, checking in on my son's reading life and having a conversation with my husband that wasn't interrupted (that was the hardest one). However, a lot of these things did get accomplished and I keep telling myself, "The day isn't over yet!" I also realize that the reality of my situation is some things will have to wait (my daughter's room being one of them...I did help her clean one corner however). Here's to all our to do lists! May we all be productive in the coming days! 


  1. Love the idea of having this place to keep all those slices of life! Some days are like this. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished.

  2. I love your new space! I have been feeling like these first few days back after break have been really busy! Now that report cards are done, I'm hoping to sit back tomorrow afternoon and join in on the lumberjack fun!

  3. Wonderful Betsy. I'll look for you here on Tuesdays. Happy it was a nice day!

  4. Love your new spot! That was quite a to-do list! Hope you get a little rest this weekend.

  5. Congratulations on a new blog and the accomplishment of getting something's done. This week seemed to be a week of survival.

  6. Very exciting! Looking forward to reading all your slices here!
    I so get what you are saying about not getting everything done! Here's to getting some things done on our lists! :0)


Thanks for the comment love!