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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Today was my first day of school back in kindergarten. I was anticipating a lot. I hate to say it, but I was mostly anticipating problems. All these problems are normal in kindergarten. Kids just don't know any better, they are immature and quick to react. Little kids cry easily and miss their mom. These things happen and I was ready for any or all of it should it occur. 
But then...
and I hesitate to even say it, almost none of it happened. Not only did everyone come in fairly happy, I think about two tears were shed (honestly, more from parents than kiddos). It was remarkable. We got to our play time and...they...played. I didn't have to do a lot of coaching like I normally do. I have one student who is on the spectrum and he was completely happy, even gave me some eye contact throughout the day. Someone knocked over another student's block tower and he said, "HEY, who's going to help me repair this?" He didn't throw things or kick someone, he actually responded quite appropriately. This was the first, first day, that I didn't have someone under the table or someone run out of the room in years. No one was pinched or bitten. Best of all, they seem like happy kids. That makes me hesitantly happy. I keep waiting for the crew from Punk'd to show up and say, "Just kidding, here is your real class." That being said, I have loved all my former students and classes. They were exhausting and I am sure (based on how I feel right now) I will be exhausted by this class as well. However, it feels different. I'll be anxious to share more as they get more comfortable and more personality traits are revealed but for now, I am going to soak it in a bit.


  1. I'm so excited for you. I don't think Ashton Kutcher is showing up this year, Betsy. :)

  2. As a teacher of 5th grade, I have great respect for my kindergarten colleagues. Although I am certified K-6, and have nurtured my own two children, my niche is definitely intermediate. Thank you for your patience, kindness, and enthusiasm. It's so important to give our students a good beginning! Good luck this year:-)

  3. Yeah! That's quite a celebration ... there's always time for all that other stuff on day ... two or ten or fifty. :) But I know you will handle anything that comes your way with lots of patience and a big smile! You have the perfect anchor and examples from day 1! Don't hesitate, just enjoy! How exciting to be back in kinder!

  4. What a treat to have a great day to start off the year. Thanks for sharing it. I love that your student simply asked, "Who's going to help?" instead of having a meltdown. You have some great models.

  5. Soak it in - that first day is very special.

  6. What a wonderful beginning! Keep this memory close as you move forward with your new crew. Congrats on this remarkable first day!


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