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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Twitter Poetry

Last night the Two Writing Teachers and I had a Google Hangout and were talking about different tools for writing. Then the conversation went to Twitter and I started to think about the Facebook poetry I did in April. From there my thoughts traveled back to Twitter and I thought, "Hey, why not Twitter poetry?"
Soooo, today after reading a few poems to my class I asked them if we could come up with one line to start a poem. One of my little guys said, "It should be about our butterfly!" See, we let a butterfly go the other day after watching it in its chrysalis last week. I thought that was great. "Okay, so what should we say about our butterfly?" They thought a minute, a few shouted out some ideas and then one student said, "We said goodbye to our butterfly! Bye and fly rhyme!" How cute I thought. We've been talking a lot about rhyme and listening for rhyming words in poems, songs and rhyming activities. It was nice to see someone apply it independently. A bunch of students agreed that was a great line. So we tweeted the line and waited.
This evening a few friends of mine have added lines and this is what we are up to so far:


  1. I just started a classroom twitter account. This is a great idea.

  2. This sounds great, Betsy. I look forward to checking it out. Maybe some of my reading classes can join in the fun as we get moving this year.

    On another note, have you every visited the #micropoetry hashtag. Poems in less than 140 characters. A fun challenge.


  3. Fun, I bet students will enjoy seeing the poem grow!


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