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Monday, June 11, 2012

Attempted Outlining

I wrote that title and thought, it sounds like attempted murder, then I thought of  a chalk outline....(insert chuckle here)! Chalk-A-Bration is June 30th!

Mini-Lesson Monday has me writing an outline for a project. Sally Wilkins is inspiring me this morning with her insights and ideas on Kate Messner's blog for Teacher's Write, virtual summer camp!
As I began the list below (my form of an outline at this point in time for research) it was inspired by my many uncertainties with teaching reading to children who have very little or no experience with this rather large animal. I struggle with this. I now understand a little better where my frustration is coming from. I struggle with this because it doesn’t feel right. So, what do I do now?

My intent was to outline what I know about one idea in the area of early readers. What I found out is I just don’t know a lot!
What’s Age got to do with it?
Why is it that some children learn to read at the age of three and others at the age of seven?
Boys/girls, what is it about gender?
Where has shared reading gone? Is it a dying animal or is it standards that have shoved it into a closet?
How do you foster enjoyment with leveled reading? (Shared reading used to do this, where did that go again, I thought it was just here)?
How do you measure boredom? Is anyone really bored, is boredom bad? I tell my son when he is bored that it is wonderful because people do their best thinking when they are bored—yeah I get a big sigh out of that one!
How do you measure so many things? Why must I measure so many things? OH—because I am building something, well that makes sense. I am building a reader so I need to know how the boards fit together, what needs to be sanded and where I need an extra nail…get me a tool box!
Assessment, monitoring, how do you appease the testing gods who dictate?
How much of a roll does motivation play? Everything! (The longest one word answer ever).
How do I move past what is on grade level, and move toward, fostering a journey?

How do I answer all these question?

I am obviously at a point where I need more information. I sat down this morning with the hope that I could get started on a topic of research that would work for me, something I would want to read. There will always be more questions than answers, but the opinions are what get me. I often feel like I am running on opinions, are they mine? Are they my colleagues? Who do they belong to? Where did they come from, and how much of this is what is driving my teaching? Great, more questions.
I want to exist in a bath of facts and the only way to do that is to live, read and practice. Hmmmm….that sounds like it might take FOREVER! (That was for my daughter who lives in the world of forever, always and never, you know this world if you have ever been in a room with a child for more than five minutes). I feel a little bit like throwing a tantrum because I want to organize my thoughts, I want to write a piece that will move people including myself and yet I don’t feel ready.  

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