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Friday, June 8, 2012

And then it was over....

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Every year there are bittersweet moments of growth. I watch mere babies turn into readers and writers and I am so proud, but they change so much, it can be a little sad as well. Today was our last day and I kept feeling like it wasn't really over, but it was. I am excited for a new group next year, a fresh start again. However, these little one's have helped me in ways that others haven't and I will feel the same way each year after. 

At times more bitter
and others more sweet
I sent you off today.

I hugged each one
held back my tears
and waved you on your way.

You'll bring me hugs
and wondrous news
next year from down the hall.

I've watched you grow
and now you'll go
a bittersweet so long.

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  1. Robin • 4 days ago
    I love the first part Betsy! You captured the feeling perfectly in your words. There are always crazy mixed-up emotions on the last day. I don't really think it has hit me yet that the school year is over. Thanks for sharing your words today!


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