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Monday, June 18, 2012

Random Word Sparks a Story

One of today's assignments for Teachers Write camp was to go to Random Noun Generator, grab the first word it gives you and see where it takes you!

My Random Noun Generator word: Neighbour

I found it funny that it gave me the New Zealand spelling, a place I would love to visit and get to know as a real life setting! (Or even a vacation).
Here is where my word took me:

I awoke to the sound of drops hitting the Monterey pines. Peering out my window I could see the puddle rings in the neighbour’s driveway. A bellbird stops for a drink. I listen closely for it’s song, but no notes escape it’s beak as it flits away. His green color blends him in with the neighbouring tree lined lot that sits on the other side of our house. I scan, straining to see which branch he chose to land on when I see Mrs. Vernon come into close focus outside my window. She has that scowly face on and her hair is wrapped in her plastic hat that ties tightly around her jowls. With her orange flowered rain boots and blue house coat she raps on my window with force. I startle at the sight of her, thinking the noise unnecessary seeing as I am already at the window. I slide the circular lock and push the wooden paint flaked frame upward a crack.
“Good morning Mrs. Vernon. Is there a problem?” I ask, knowing there is likely a problem.


  1. I am in love with this! If you added curlers under the plastic hat, Mrs.Vernon would be my Grandma, housecoat and all! Is she by chance wearing knee highs too? I can't wait to hear more about Mrs.Vernon and what this new problem is. I hope you continue the story!

  2. Isn't this interesting? To find a word & create a character that has little appeal, but the person observing has to deal with it. Hm-m, wonder what will happen? You've written an opening!

  3. What a fun exercise! And a delightful start to a story! Love your descriptions of the bellbird and Mrs. Vernon.


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