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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Slice of Life is hosted by Two Writing Teachers, Stacey and Ruth. 

What a great start to the week. Writing camp is proving to be surprising, fun and motivating. I started an outline yesterday for one of my projects; one goal for the summer is to write an article. It is for myself at this point, a means of growth, learning, a push to dig more into what it means to grow a reader. I am going to start reading Growing Readers by Kathy Collins as a starting point. I have gotten some other great suggestions for this journey and one of them was to post (literally, on a wall) all my questions separately, since that is how it began...lots of questions with no answers! Here is the wall next to my writing spot, with my questions to ponder.
(My post from yesterday).
And here is my writing spot. The artwork in front of my computer is a foam creation my son added to my desk! Maureen Young Ingram, from Pondering Preschool, had commented way back when I cleared this spot, asking me to post a picture after I had "worked" it a little. Less pristine and more real now, I am in love with my space.


  1. Terje • 1 day ago
    Your enthusiasm and enjoyment of participating in the writing camp runs through many of your posts. Thank you for sharing the pics, thinking, hopes, dreams, and writing.

    Tara • 1 day ago
    I love the idea of posting your questions - literally - as anchors to your thinking. And I also love how your son's art work is front and center.

    Linda Baie • 1 day ago
    The questions on the wall will be good motivation I bet. You sound very inspired, so good for you! Nice to hear about all the work!

    elsie 9p • 1 day ago
    When we know more, we discover there is more to know. I love that you are growing, thinking, and changing. Too many teachers never explore beyond their classroom walls. You've got a great start for your writing project!

    Jaana • 21 hours ago
    Kudos to you Betsy!
    I skipped outlining because of last week of school.
    I love your visual ideas. I might have to think about that this summer. Seeing is believing. Right?

    Christy Rush-Levine • 20 hours ago
    I have been overwhelmed by writing camp! I am behind and struggling to catch up. There are so many participants, I feel like it is difficult to feel a sense of community to keep me on track.

    Good for your for attacking it head on! I love your pic of your posted guiding questions. Perhaps I need to visit you more often for inspiration and I wouldn't be so overwhelmed!

  2. I am proud of you for all the writing you are doing. I had the best intentions to participate, but quickly fell behind. I will be cheering you on from Ohio!
    I can't remember, are you going to #allwrite12 next week?


Thanks for the comment love!