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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Chair

My current chair, in my writing spot, is actually a rocking chair. It is wooden, sort of comfortable, but not the best chair for working. I had mentioned earlier on my writing goals post that I wanted to write about old things. I was thinking today, how one day, this chair will be old. I wonder how many homes and families it will rock. I wonder if babies will be swaddled and snugged by a daddy in this chair. If a grandmother will afghan herself and sleep in this chair. I wonder if it will get worn, dented, age...will it begin to squeak or make a floor creak? One day it will be old, I will be gone, but it might live on. Maybe it is the right chair to sit in and create. Maybe it is a chair for making memories.

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  1. Michelle @litlearningzone 2p • 1 week ago
    Oh, I love this! The stories "things" could tell. I've thought about that with money, like the penny that I found from 1929. The hands that it has touched. The items it has purchased. The people, the stories. But I love thinking of that chair and the future stories it will hold.

    Robin • 1 week ago
    There is something special about a rocking chair. The first thing I think of when I see an old rocking chair is about the babies that have been rocked there. Who were they? How many? Does that chair have the special creak my mom's chair had? I can hear the sound of that creak still.

    Linda Baie • 6 days ago
    Nice musings, Betsy. We have several old rockers & I never thought about the stories that they tell. I liked also that you talked about the sounds it might make as it ages.


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