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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Field Trip!

Today, my seventh graders went on a field trip to an alligator sanctuary. We met gators named Big Daddy, TikTok, Godzilla, Tom, and Spot, among many others. The kids learned all kinds of interesting facts about what a sanctuary does and how the animals survive in a climate so different from their own. 
There were young gators and old. The sanctuary was divided into different "schools" based on their age groups. We visited the preschool and kindergarten classes of gators and the middle school and high schoolers. It was a great day overall. The weather was perfect. Not too hot and not too cold. The kids were awesome, and we all ended up at a local park for lunch afterward for food and fun. 


  1. An alligator sanctuary! I would have LOVED that trip when I was a child - heck, I would love it now. So glad you had good kids and good weather.

  2. Schools for alligators based on their age, new learning, perfect weather, and lunch at the park. Sounds lovely! Except I'm not too fond of alligators. They rank right behind snakes on my animals not to love scale.

  3. Wow, Betsy, your students must have been delighted with their field trip. I hope the students write some poetry about their adventure. If you and your students would like to add some image poems to my Springsations Gallery of Artistic Expressions at, I would love to showcase their writing.


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