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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Still At School

It's 5:15, and I'm still sitting in my classroom. The evening didn't go quite as planned, so I'm catching up on work at school. I decided to take a break to slice. 

I like to keep a pretty tidy workspace, but I've got a bit of clutter. Among the library book late slips, multiple pens, Sharpies, and coffee cup there is a set of cards called "Book Club Table Topics." They are these really cool prompts for book clubs, and they all come in a nice acrylic box. Each card has a different question to get a conversation going. 

I sort of feel like if I was to create a "favorite things of 2023" list, these cards would most certainly make the cut. They work really well for book clubs, but also side-by-side conversations with partners about independent books too. 
As I'm sitting here, with thirty more minutes to wait, I'm flipping through to find some good ones for tomorrow. 
What's your favorite current classroom supply or resource?


  1. 3X cards or cut cardstock alternatives! I love them as exit tickets, question sources, probing questions, reminders, flash word cards,....I used to wait until Walmart had packs for 2 cents and buy way, too many!

  2. Ooh--that does sound like an amazing resource! Now I want to get those cards for my classroom! I'm not sure I have a favorite resource besides sticky notes and books. :-) I love how your post sets the scene for us readers. I feel like I could be there at school with you--wandering down the hall from my own late evening to chat with you for a few minutes. I hope you weren't there too late!

  3. Betsy, I have a bag of paint chips that I use during training sessions with teachers. They are great prompts for writing poetry at writing stations. I like children to use several at a time to create their poems with a partner or a triad. Thanks for the new resource.

  4. Betsy, I'm glad you took a break to slice. The cards for book discussions are a great resource. I love the examples you've laid out, especially a one-word summary. I don't have a "current" favorite resource, as I'm retired now.


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