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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Two Goals

As the school year winds down, I am considering how I can begin to focus on my own wellness. I do many things well, and some are just non-existent. 
I had a birthday two days ago, and one of my gifts was a bullet journal. Nothing too fancy. I did add two goals inside--reading and water. 
I'm starting with increments. Reading for enjoyment. When accomplished, I color in a little box.
Sixteen ounces of water counts as a box filled in too. I can only go up from here. 
These two things might seem small, but they are two areas I really struggle to pay attention to. I also know each is important. Therefore, if I get to color in a box each day I accomplish these two simple goals, it is a start. 
For all the other things, I'll get there. 


  1. I love this pose! I too am trying to slow down and do some much needed self-care. Summer is on the horizon!

  2. Me time is so important. I love how you started with just two small things because I often try to change too much at once and then it becomes all or nothing. Thanks for the reminder to take it slow. Enjoy your new journal.

  3. Definitely not small! Both are so important. I am a sometimey bullet journal keeper. I appreciate the way it helps me focus ... when I make time to keep with it. Good luck as you focus on taking care of you!

  4. Yes, dear, yooNeye have 2 goals:
    either to live4heaven ...or live4nthn
    but the world. 7thHeaven is eternal.
    Follow us to the Wedding Feast by
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    Cya soon, miss gorgeous....


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