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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Speechless Slice...Is That Possible?

I start this slice...
I realize I am a bit speechless.
I feel a little lost.
A little stuck.
A little speechless.
Like I am in a field of sunflowers.
I wonder what is beyond each one.
I keep turning corners and there is yet another.
Another beautiful sunflower full of opportunity.
I am wandering.
I am grinning.
I am speechless
with petals in my hair.
My ears are full of sun.
My mouth is full of words
ready to escape.

I really enjoy writing a story this way. I did not know where this was going, only that I was feeling speechless today. Then all these images started to flood into me and now I must go draw them.

One perspective of my thoughts. A bit different from what I was envisioning but a visual perspective none the less.


  1. What a fun post- both the poem and the drawing. I've never thought to draw what I write, but it seems like a great way to think more deeply about what you've written. Haha, altho while I was writing Goodnight Stress this week (adult version of Goodnight Moon), I was thinking how much I'd love to have it illustrated like Goodnight Moon is :)

  2. As I began to read I thought you were feeling lost in a negative way. But by the 6th line, when you talk of sunflowers, I realized that this lost was a type of wonder or awe. I love that you described your feelings in such a way...lost in a sea of opportunity. It could be worse, my friend. :)

  3. Ha! I love the visual, and I also love teaching people that sometimes having nothing to write about is something to write about. Beautiful images are always around us--we just have to notice them!

  4. I love the free flowingness of this, Betsy. Great visualizations.

  5. I also think it's nice that you feel so safe in this environment that you can just free write and free draw, freeing us to feel safe, too. I want to be the kite flying above your field of sunflowers.

  6. Ears full of sun, now that's an awesome image! You made me wonder what had you speechless, but then I followed your poetry thinking and loved the journey you took me on. You do think in poetry!

  7. I love how you go with the flow and play with the words and images.


Thanks for the comment love!