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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Warning: A Flood is Approaching

I'm smiling. I'm happy.

I watched a video at my staff meeting this morning that praised our eighth grade boys for showing a special bit of kindness at a football game to a student with special needs. It actually was a story on a local news channel.

Eyes a little misty.

One of my students got a compression vest today. Her response, "I LOVE it!"

Teared up a bit.

I listened to my student who has struggled with apraxia say the words "Chicago is a city," with practically perfect articulation during a speech therapy session.

Starting to feel small pools form in the corners of my eyes, but I am still smiling!
I am waiting. Waiting for the moment to happen where tears of joy begin streaming. So many happy things can bring up so much emotion. Especially when I watch students with needs beyond my imagination struggle each day and leave smiling. There are a lot of things to get a little misty over and even more things to smile about. What made you smile today?


  1. I smiled because my daughter missed me when I was away for five days. Loved your story.

  2. If I heard "Chicago is a city," that would make me lose it right there (you know why). All are incredible moments. The flood gates are definitely going to open up soon.

    Isabelle's behavior while we were out for lunch made me smile today. (It's my SOL on Raising a Literate Human.)

  3. I didn't get misty, but I sure did have goosebumps running up and down my arms as I read of the joy and accomplishments you shared today. I smiled when I saw how many red berries were on the holly bush outside my window, because I know that means bluebirds will be feasting this winter and I get to watch.

  4. Thanks for reminding me to find those moments. I smiled today when a coworker brought me a cupcake just because.

  5. Here's what made me smile -- one of my students shyly asked me if she could have back a book she donated for my classroom library...because she needs to re-read it every now and then! I TOTALLY get that! So hard to let go of our most beloved books!

  6. I love your celebrations! I am with you on the news story...definitely get misty when I see it - even the third time. The basketball story got to me as well. But what really made me smile today was cuddling with my daughter. We don't get many days alone together so staying home sick today was pretty special...even if she didn't feel very good.

  7. Teaching and living with joy is one of my goals this year. I'm so glad to see the joy spreading around. I wrote about celebrating on my blog, too.

  8. Remembering when a coworker asked a little preschooler if she had lost her mother (who is another teacher), the little girl replied (with full of spunk); "I am not a looser!"

  9. This is great - lots to smile about for you!
    I smiled today when my Katie recognized a color and said the word! "Boo" (blue)!

  10. Great to hear all these little smiles of joy, Betsy. There are things that our students endure, & we don't always know, do we? Thanks for emphasizing that part too.

  11. I smiled today at the flaming red tree as I looked left while pulling out of the back parking lot at my school! Even though it was after 6, seeing that burst of color made me smile! When we focus on the joy, we find more of it. Loved hearing these tender moments you shared with us.


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