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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thirteen Sips

A funny little moment.

I was right in the middle of teaching when, "HICCUP!"
Okay, hiccups and teaching don't mix. I tried to control myself, "HICCUP!"
Well that wasn't working.
I went to find my water. Of course while I'm doing this the class is a bit oblivious but chaos slowly begins to creep in. I am distracted and they see an opporitunity.
I'm looking, I'm looking everywhere and it's getting loud. Students are restless.
Of course while I'm looking, "HICCUP, hiCCUp, HIccUP!"
I'm getting annoyed all the while knowing that teaching a mini-lesson and hiccups will not work.
Okay, found the water. Then I suddenly hear one of my softest spoken little girls yell out over the chaos, "THIRTEEN SIPS, Mrs. Hubbard!"
A little startled, I look out into what feels like a sea of little beings all spread around the carpet, "Who said that?"
"Thirteen sips, I said it!" said little Jolie. She was beaming a bit and everyone had kind of stopped in their tracks at her exclamation.
"Thirteen sips?" I asked. Then her story told me that apparently not everyone was oblivious to my hiccuping.
"Yeah, that's what my grandma told me. When I got the hiccups for the first time we were at her house. She got me a glass of water and told me to take thirteen sips. It really worked and that is what I always do when I get the hiccups. Try it!" She said.
"Uh, okay." So I took thirteen sips. The class counted along, and sure enough it was like magic. It was as though someone had waved a wand saying, "hiccups be gone!" And they were gone.
I waited a moment, you know you do this. You question, are they really gone. You don't want to be fooled. I waited. The class waited. I took a breath and went back to work.
We moved on and I learned a little something from Jolie's perfect little small moment, thirteen sips is all it takes!


  1. Now that's a tip to remember when the hiccups arrive at an inopportune moment. My favorite line: a sea of little beings all spread around the carpet, I've been there with all those eyes watching.

  2. I love when these small ones share their wisdom with complete confidence! I am glad you tried and glad it worked. Thanks Jolie and I will remember her advice.

  3. 13 sips? That's a new one to me! It's funny how everyone has tips for curing the hiccups, isn't it?!!?

  4. Love these little peaks into your precious class. Thirteen sips and the class counting! Jolie saved the day.

  5. Great story, the hero of the day is Jolie, quiet until needed! Thanks Betsy!

  6. Great story! I had my students interview their parents and grand parents and THEN write about what each thought of as a way to end hiccups. The stories were priceless but I suspect, in my heart, that time is the real cure!

  7. Kids love it when we hiccup, sneeze, burp… anything. They bond with us and each other over those things.

  8. Yay Jolie! We learn something new every day right? Who knew thirteen sips would cure hiccups? Love this small moment.

  9. I've often thought it would be great to collect everyone's remedies for hiccups - there are so, so many! I'm so glad this one worked for you. What a sweet, supportive class!!

  10. Love the ending where you wait. So exactly what we do with hiccups.

  11. Kids are great. I love the tip and the way the kids we trying to help. Your change in font brought out the voice in your writing,

  12. Oh, what a story! I loved the waiting too...because just when you think those hiccups are go-HICCUP-ne. There are back. But the 13 sips worked! I never knew the 13 sips, but will try!

  13. I just love how you write. I'm with you in your classroom, holding my breath wishing those hiccups away. 13 little sips!! Love that!

  14. An adorable story. A bit funny. And a bit magical. And a bit educational.


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