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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sometimes They Just Know

Just like we are always in tune with what they need each day, they are tuning into us as well. Sometimes little pick-me-ups come at the right time. I was feeling a little defeated today at writing workshop. I wasn't seeing what I wanted to see and was forgetting what it is all about. Then little Kaylee gave me this:

Poem for Mrs. Hubbard

I love Mrs. Hubbard
I think she is nice
I love her

To say the least, I was no longer defeated but proud and touched by her sweet poem. 


  1. Yes, she did tune into your need. So sweet!

  2. Oh my, this makes it all worthwhile.

  3. AHHH...from the mouths and pencil tips of those who know what really matters!

  4. Aw, sweetie! I know this happens, and really, why wouldn't it when we spend so much time together, but it's always so surprising and refreshing when you have a moment like this! I guess that's part of why it feels so rewarding. Thanks for made me smile!

  5. Aren't first graders the best?


  6. I want a poem like that! What a special pick-me-up! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Really nice to see, and for you too, Betsy. You never know when a nice thing will come your way.

  8. Betsy, a tender moment to treasure in your heart!

  9. I love how those moments happen at just the right time.


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