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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And Here Comes May

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As quickly as the chalked words decorated my driveway they were gone. 
Here are my children playing in the showers that washed away all of April's words.

If you didn't get a chance to see the beautiful chalk poetry yesterday, take a peek! It might inspire you to go outside and do a little chalking of your own. It has been good for my soul, pass it on.

1 comment:

  1. How sad the words are washed away, but the next sunny day they can reappear. I loved your poem (from yesterday). You must be breathing a sigh of relief, but also feeling adrift. What does May have in store?

    Tara • 6 weeks ago
    Chalk poetry...what a wonderful idea!

    Barbara • 6 weeks ago
    Our chalk poems were gone this morning too. The secretary just said how much she enjoyed reading them as she was leaving yesterday and how said it was that they were gone this morning. Thanks again for the idea!

    Linda Baie • 6 weeks ago
    It was lots of fun, Betsy. I envy you the rain, however. We got just enough last week to take my poem, but nothing else recently. Thanks for doing all this!

    Mrs. V • 6 weeks ago
    I enjoyed the picture combined with text. I especially liked the image created by "that washed away all of April's words."

    Ruth 8p • 6 weeks ago
    Sidewalk chalk + words are very good for the soul. Thanks for writing today.

    Terje • 6 weeks ago
    Rain cleared the pavement for new creations.

    Robin • 6 weeks ago
    I love your picture! My first thought was that I was sad to see your words washed away. But then, as I looked at your kids playing in the rain/puddles and the joy they must have been feeling at the time, it makes the sad wash away! Lucky kids you have to be able to play in the rain! :)

    aruddteacher100 2p • 6 weeks ago
    Ahhh, a clean slate for May-both literal and figurative...loved seeing the chalk work...

    blkdrama 16p • 6 weeks ago
    Hey Betsy,
    I love the poetry and the chalk pics. So sorry they are gone so fast.

    onesunflower 12p • 5 weeks ago
    May is a mighty month - I can't wait to hear what it says to you.

    __Shawn__ 22p • 5 weeks ago
    We will chalk again!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the day!

    Himankar • 5 weeks ago


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