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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Full Of Melodies

Many melodies are running through my head today as I come off a weekend of seeing The Avett Brothers in concert. Yesterday it was kids singing happy birthday and this morning it was the littlest tweets of baby robins who had freshly hatched between Saturday and Monday evening. There are few sights as precious, awkward and innocent as a nest of four new baby birds. The slightest sound raises their heads in hungry alarm. Quiet means that they are nestled over each other waiting for their mother. It connects for me to the changes that are on the horizon as I walked past the speech language-pathologist with my class today and she said, "look how much they have grown!" I look, and maybe for the first time, notice they have changed dramatically in size since I last paid any attention. I look at them and see readers, writers and thinkers. No longer do they rush to me with their mouths open waiting for me to put something in like a baby bird. They are taking it in all on their own and they are growing.

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  1. Ruth 8p • 3 weeks ago
    Perfect. They do grow up so much...especially with a teacher who cares so deeply about her craft.

    Mandy Chock • 3 weeks ago
    I second Ruth's comments; you are the one that helps them grow each day until they are confidently ready to leave your nest.

    Thanks for sharing-

    Linda Baie • 3 weeks ago
    Beautiful analogy for the little ones Betsy. I love how you wove this from the first listening to music, then the chirp of the baby birds, and so on. Great piece!

    elsie 9p • 3 weeks ago
    The analogy is perfect! Those babies are ready to take on the world with confidence. Such a sad/happy time of year. Sigh!

    anita ferreri • 3 weeks ago
    What a great connection. I often notice how tall they appear in the spring when the heavy clothes of winter are removed and their growing limbs appear.

    Robin • 3 weeks ago
    Perfect connection! I often notice how tall they have gotten at this time of year too! It is especially evident when the kindergarten round up kids come in. I love the way you connected the sounds and sits together in this piece. Thanks for the reminder to look long at my kiddos again!

    Bev • 3 weeks ago
    What a lovely description of young students - comparing them to hungry, eager robins.
    Today I was doing some DRA's of my gr. 3s and all have grown so much this year. We celebrated that fact and that all love to read.
    Lovely slice!

    Maureen • 2 weeks ago
    Love the way music led to birds to mothering to teaching to student growth! Tweet! Tweet! Sweet! Sweet!


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