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Friday, May 25, 2012

Are You Dreaming?

 Poetry Friday is hosted by the amazingly supportive blogger, Linda Baie at TeacherDance


You who pays no mind
to the rules.

a ruse.

You don't fit in those shoes.

who will actually
be you.

No carbon copy,
not a bird who flocks,
but a YOU
who travels

not knowing stops.


Go out hunting
those dreams
tie them down
as they fret.

Don't doubt them,
your dreams,
they are yours
in your net.

As you grow
they'll wise up and
may try to escape.

So, hold tightly,
those dreams are for you
no mistake.

Inspiration lurks in so many places, surprising places. I just finished listening to the audio book Clementine, by Sara Pennypacker with my kids on our way to and from school this week. What a timely story, a timely character to meet.  My students are in that mode of "shut down." I am often perplexed by those who do not conform to school routines, those who go their own way. Yet, I appreciate them. They don't make my job easy, my job shouldn't be. They don't jump when I say jump, they shouldn't. They should be who they are, learn as they go and become something brilliant and amazing that they can take full credit for. I hope for them that they continue to be creative, bold, courageous and be who they set out to be. I hope they don't lose sight of their dreams and that they "decide what to be and go be it," (The Avett Brothers, Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise).

Chalk-A-Bration 2 is May 31st. Welcome soon to be summer with a poem on the ground for others to enjoy. Check it out here.


1 comment:

  1. Renee LaTulippe 1p • 2 weeks ago
    Betsy, as one of those non-conforming types, I just love that first poem. You beautifully captured the essence of such a student - and they are clearly lucky to have you!

    Katya • 2 weeks ago
    School was pretty tough as a kid who didn't conform easily to rules -- your non-conformers are so lucky to have a teacher like you!

    Linda Baie • 2 weeks ago
    I love that 'not a bird who flocks'-just exactly who some are, taking the new (& different) paths. You are a generous teacher who embraces them, Betsy. Thanks!

    Tara • 2 weeks ago
    I especially loved "Dreaming"....and here's to the non-conformists!

    Robin • 2 weeks ago
    Two great poems Betsy. I wonder as I read them if they are about your own children as much as the students you teach? Meaningful and inspiring either way. Thanks for sharing today.

    Terje • 2 weeks ago
    I like how you have picked the words and tied them together. Your message is clear. I like that you added the part about inspiration.

    Robyn Hood Black • 2 weeks ago
    Echoing appreciation for your poems and perspective, Betsy! My daughter is halfway through college as an ed major. Loves it. I'll share your quote with her when she gets back from foreign study: "Yet, I appreciate them. They don't make my job easy, my job shouldn't be. They don't jump when I say jump, they shouldn't. They should be who they are..." Your students are VERY fortunate.

    haitiruth 4p • 2 weeks ago
    I read "Hold Fast to Dreams" with my seventh graders this week, and your poem makes me think of that. Nice!
    Ruth, from

    Doraine Bennett • 2 weeks ago
    Lovely poems. Your job is not easy. Ever. Enjoy your summer, recharge, energize. There will be a new group of nonconformists come fall.

    Maureen Ingram • 2 weeks ago
    The poetry is delightful! A real gift to your non-conformers. I agree with you - we learn the most from the children who surprise us, who don't do what we expect. We need to be grateful!


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