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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I read a pretty incredible book over the weekend, Out of My Mind, by Sharon M. Draper. I came upon it accidentally while looking for the book See You at Harry's (which I can't seem to get a copy of yet, probably need to order it)! Anyway, so here I am, long weekend, start reading and in a day and a half I have digested some text that is close to as eye opening as Wonder. A girl with cerebral palsy who happens to also have a photographic memory. A brilliantly frustrating novel that shows a character's wordless struggle to be heard. I tried to imagine what it would be like to have so much knowledge and every moment be underestimated by others. To be so gifted and not have a way to share my gifts.
Today I had a meeting with a mentor and something she said is going to stay with me forever. It was something she learned from her pastor. It went something like this: We all have gifts, it is my job as a pastor to bring the congregation together to share those gifts. Then she said that it was very similar for her when she was a principal, she needed to "mobilize the gifts." Find what is special in each person that is a part of the community in her school and utilize each gift that they bring to the group. She was telling me this in reference to the gifts my students bring each day to the classroom.
She said it better than I can here, but it reminded me at a great time that everyone has a talent, a gift, something to share. We just don't all do it the same way.
"Mobilize the gifts."

Chalk-A-Bration, here on May 31st! 

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  1. readsomuch 2p • 2 weeks ago
    Aha!!! "Mobilize the gifts" - I needed to hear that today. Tomorrow I look for the talent in everyone, even the people who are determined to be miserable.

    Out of My Mind is an incredible read!! So glad you enjoyed it!

    Linda baie • 2 weeks ago
    It's a wonderful book I agree. Great thoughts too, Betsy.

    Robin • 2 weeks ago
    Ah Betsy..."mobilize the gifts" is so meaningful right now as I reflect back on what I learned this year as a teacher and a writer and as I look ahead toward next year and organizing my thoughts about approaching writing in the classroom. I'm a bit mesmerized by this idea. I need to spend some more time thinking about it when I don't have assessments and end of the year drama swirling in my head at the same time...I love it!

    onesunflower 12p • 2 weeks ago
    I have this image of presents on an airport baggage machine. Boy, so many books with such an amazing theme, I've got to get reading.

    Jaana • 2 weeks ago
    Wonderful post! So true; I think all of us can be part of "mobilizing the gifts" in our buildings and in our schools. I think you are lucky woman to have a mentor who thinks so deeply! Blessings on your day!

    Lori • 2 weeks ago
    That is so funny--it is Mary's Favorite Book Ever. She picked it because of the fish on the cover and couldn't put it down a couple years ago. Still talks about it! Speaks volumes from a very reluctant reader. :-)

    Ruth 8p • 2 weeks ago
    Sharon Draper is remarkable. I got to have lunch with her at a conference early this year. WOW! I'm glad you allowed a book to inspire your slice.

    Barbara • 2 weeks ago
    What a great Slice. I was fortunate to hear Sharon Draper speak in February. Like her book, her words were very inspirational!


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