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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day 2 of 31 #SOL16

To notice. To observe. To be conscious.
To be possible.

My One Little Word for 2016 is Possible. I chose it to remind myself that even in moments when things seem impossible, anything is still possible. What have I got to lose? If I continue to work and move forward it's possible things could turn out differently. 
I think as teachers, embracing a word that is so open and inviting we encourage ourselves to acknowledge that things are not always as they seem and even in the bleakest hour there can be surprises. We just have to look beyond the obvious.
When I take the time to stop and notice I see obstacles from a new perspective. I can observe and take note of a situation. Stop, be conscious and think about all the angles. Taking the steps to notice, observe, and be conscious I take myself out of the spiral of negativity that can sometimes accompany tricky situations. 
This year, my first year as a third-grade teacher, I have found myself doing this quite often. As we enter March, possibly one of the busiest months so far this year, I can't help but find myself a bit overwhelmed by the upcoming test prep, new units to teach, parent-teacher conferences, and the day to day struggles that would be there anyway. I also know I have people in my corner who will have my back in those overwhelming moments. It's just a reminder that I must stop, notice, observe, be conscious and see that the possible is around the corner. 


  1. Possible is a great OLW. It's hopeful, it's forward-looking, it's positive. It's good to remember, especially in the tough moments, that anything is possible.

  2. Stay with this theme, this OLW - try it on for size tomorrow in a poem or a list or a celebration of what's possible. Finding the possibilities in each day will help to keep this focus. Thanks for reminding us all to focus on this too.

  3. Some good words of wisdom and a reminder of my one word, Progress. Hopefully you feel that I'm in your corner this year! I know I'm not always good at talking specifics but hopefully I will get better!

  4. I love your OLW. It's so easy for me to focus on what's impossible. I need to turn that around!

  5. Great word! I love your thoughts about different perspectives. Always powerful to think outside our own view to find the other possibilities.

  6. The OLW part of your "teaser" on Two Writing Teachers is what drew me to your blog. Great word and great plan to keep striving for that next area of growth. Sometimes those obstacles do feel insurmountable, but when you have that lens of what is "possible" maybe that's enough to push you through those obstacles.

    Thanks for sharing today!

  7. I LOVE OLW! It has changed my approach to goals and helps me be kind to myself and others. Mine is "nourish."

  8. I like that OLW...remembering to focus on the possibilities and opportunities each day presents! Thanks for the reminder!


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