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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Day 20 of 31 #SOL16

No more boots
snow pants
No more scarves
heavy coats
or gloves.

and in the closet
put away, then
only to hear
snow's coming near
in just a few more days.
This is a joke...right?


  1. No kidding? Right?! I'm waiting for something to strike. Hehe.

  2. Nope. It's not possible. Today's the first day of spring, don't cha know?!

  3. For real! I'm totally done with snow! I say bring on the 80's and sunshine! I can't wait to get to the pool! :) Thank you for this fun poem!

  4. hate to say it - but don't count snow out til May (at least in Ontario!) lol

  5. I think we might be done with winter here in Chicago?

  6. The snow is falling here on Long Island....I have pinwheels and an ice scraper lying next to each other in my backseat. March is mixed up.

    1. Kathleen--I think there's a poem lurking on your back seat along with the pinwheels and ice scraper!

  7. Betsy, expect the unexpected. Sometimes our actions invoke the Gods. Don't wash the car because it will bring the rain...Short, but thought provoking post. Everyone can identify with this. That's the secret of the subject you chose. As readers we can readily connect.

  8. I'm sorry! We were supposed to get snow today; but we had sunny skies and a chill in the air instead. I had to turn the heat back on and get out my heavy coat; but the sky stayed blue. I hope the snow missed you, too. Either way, it led to a great slice!

  9. I'm loving the luxury of an unexpected snow day. Ahhh.....

  10. We got our shot of winter dusting yesterday but it is gone today. Can I place your poem in my Winter Wanderings' Gallery? Do you have a picture of the snow. If not, I will use mine.


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